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Visit these pages to find:
  • Useful information about potential troubles you can meet in case of using computers, computer networks or data communication (including E-mails and Internet).
  • News about expected or current breakdowns.
  • Solutions of such problems.
  • Suggestions and recommendations of actions which can prevent you from meeting with troubles even before they will appear.
The latest news:
12.12.2013 MS Windows 2008 R2 / Exchange 2010 Oriflame naming rules (updated)
28.5.2013 How to add thumbnail pictures (photos) to the user accounts stored in the Active Directory (updated)
16.1.2013 How to adjust the Meeting Rooms templates in Oriflame
15.1.2013 How to book a Meeting Room from the MS Outlook
13.9.2012 How to manage groups you own from MS Outlook
13.9.2012 How to manage groups you own from OWA
25.6.2012 How to search for the hosts from which the user accounts get locked out.
14.3.2012 How to add / modify attributes of the user accounts stored in the Active Directory
29.9.2011 A migration from MS Win2003 / MS Ex2003 to MS Win2008 R2 / MS Ex2010 (updated)
27.4.2011 How to create and distribute Logon scripts in the Active Directory in Oriflame
25.2.2011 How to configure the Outlook Anywhere in MS Win2008 R2 / MS Ex2010 in Oriflame
27.5.2010 A message delivery unexpected delay issue
27.5.2010 How to correctly set the "Maximum message size limit" in the MS Exchange 2003 for Oriflame (updated)
19.1.2010 How to add the Oriflame Root Certification Authority certificate to the trusted root certification authorities list (updated)
25.3.2009 How to install and configure the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 (updated)
10.3.2009 Patches and fixes recommended in Oriflame (updated)
26.5.2008 "Help and Support" is missing after you upgrade to Windows Server 2003 SP2
29.1.2014 How to access shared mailboxes from the MS Outlook and from the OWA (updated)
21.1.2008 Oriflame rules for required object attribute values (updated)
5.12.2007 How to restrict the users allowed to send E-mails to distribution groups - a SPAM-prevention method
2.8.2010 How to install the VNC v4.1.3 service (updated)
16.8.2007 How to solve Kerberos authentication issues between remote locations (critical)
5.4.2007 How to protect your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 from a Reverse non-delivery report attack
28.3.2007 Open relay vulnerability in the MS Exchange Server 2003 (critical)
30.1.2007 The MS Exchange Server 2003 SP2 with the Intelligent Message Filter and the Direct Push Technology (new)
26.1.2007 Basic backup and restore methods recommended in Oriflame (new)
15.5.2003 The SPAM protection methods
12.5.2003 How modern mass-mailing viruses work
24.3.2003 No more virus checking for the going-through E-mails since Friday, March 21st, 2003
24.7.2002 Electronic mail delivery and relaying with respect to MS Exchange v5.5 (updated)

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